2018 10 30
Lithuanian Firefighters Took 3rd Place in Firefighter World Challenge XXVII

The World Firefighter Combat Challenge XXVII was held on the week of 22 October 2018 in Sacramento, California. During this Challenge Lithuanian firefighters took 3rd place in team relay competition. 

2018 08 13
Lithuanian Firefighters Took 2nd Place in the 42nd Baltic Championship in Fire Sport

On the 8th-10th of August 2018, 42nd Baltic Championship in Fire Sport was held in Latvia. Competitions of the Championship were attended by both adult firefighters and youth team from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In general, Lithuanian team took 2nd place. 

2018 07 02
Lithuanian Firefighters Proved to Be One of the Strongest in the World

On 2 July 2018 Lithuanian Firefighters Team came back to Lithuania from Germany, where the Team participated in the Strongest Firefighter Challenge. Lithuanian Team, consisting of Mr Mikolaitis, Mr Vitkevičius, Mr Ašmontas, Mr Samauskis, Mr Višnevski and Mr Orda, took 1st place and broke the European record during the relay race. 

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